Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All things quirky!

I am in love with this statement jacket by AND. It has such fun and quirky colors and designs. So, for our next post, we decided to experiment with this piece.

I styled this jacket with a simple black pant and a black top. This way, the colors on the jacket are highlighted so well. As for the accessories I just used midi rings from Forever 21(yes,we are obsessed!), the layered chain is from accessorize and I got the bracelet from a local shop in Bangalore.

For the make-up, I used the Power-Up foundation I got as a birthday gift from my parents and to my surprise, it worked pretty well on my skin tone. On my cheeks I used the Illusion Blush in the shade Shimmer Rose by Oriflame. No make up is complete without some mascara and eye liner. The mascara is from the Maybelline Collosal range and eye liner from Lakme Absolute in the shade Black Last and on my lips I used a nude shade lip pencil by Oriflame.

This fun piece is comfortable yet bold and is perfect for the late winters.

                                   -  MYD :)


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