Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lace It Up!

To be honest, I'm not a very dressy kind of person. I like to stay in my comfort zone and not get out of it, at all. In this front, Aditi and I are complete opposites. I was literally forced into buying this white lace dress during my birthday shopping in 2014 because she had a gut feeling it'd look great on me. I didn't even wear it on my birthday (Yeah, I'm stubborn too) and since then this has just been rotting in my closet.

So for this post, I thought, why not get out of the comfort zone and lace it up. And to my surprise, I could actually pull this look off. Also I'm glad I could finally make good use of this dress after two years!

To start off, I got the dress from ONLY, the beautiful ring from my friend who got it while street shopping in Mumbai and the bracelet is from this place called Kingdom of Dreams in Delhi (A must visit the next time you're in Delhi). The make-up is minimal with just the usual eyeliner, lipstick, blush and foundation. As you can see, you don't have to do much to look good in a white dress, it does all the work for you!

We were experimenting with the dress and found two new quirky ways to style it and they turned out to be pretty amazing! We hope you like them. 

LOOK 1 : The Crop Sweater

LOOK 2: The Denim Jacket

A little white dress looks flawless on any occasion from a casual Sunday brunch to a formal party! 
I also think a statement neck piece would look great with it! Let us know if you have your own unique way of styling a LWD, we'd love to hear from you guys! <3

Until next time,
                 MYD :)

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