Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lessons Learnt from being a Teenage Mess!

How messy was your teenage life? How many things did you do that you regret and how many inspired you to be a better person? Here are a few things all you teenagers should keep in mind and for the others, here's a trip back to memory lane! ❤

1. Bond with your parents.
    Because they're everything and they are the only ones who will love you and support you no matter what. Give them all the respect and keep your bond strong because that is all that matters.

2. Letting go off the toxic relationships. 
    Because not everyone is meant to be in your life and the faster you learn that, the better it is. When some relationships are not meant to be, just let go.

3. Take a trip with your best friend.
     Because why not? You might barely get time to see each other later on so make the most of what you've got.

4. Take care of your health and body.
    Because trust me when I say this, it's very difficult later. Keep fit and eat healthy. Avoid binge eating and drinking. It will do you good years later.

5. Say NO to bullying.
     Bullying can be of any form and it can give you a huge inferiority complex. Just remember, no one has the right to control anything you do and only you are the master of your decisions.
Also, don't bully because karma is a bitch!

6. Stop waiting to become 18.
     Because it's not as exciting as it sounds unless you were waiting to get married. Sorry if we're being vibe killers :P

7. PLEASE explore your career options.
    Do not follow the herd. Make a career in something you will love doing at any time of the day with zero regrets.

8. Study.
    Because these are your crucial years and this is the basis for the many other things you are planning to do in life. Whatever you study, do it with all the determination. Also, failing is not cool. Work hard :)

9. Make a memory box.
    You are not going to get these years back, are you? Capture all the important memories and keep them safe so that you can cherish them later.

10. Drown yourself in good books.
      Just read a good book whenever you get the time. A good book always teaches you something amazing. It will also help you widen your perspective.

11. Pick a hobby and master it.
      Be passionate about something! It could be anything from playing an instrument to a sport. If you love it, never let it go.

12. Learn how to face rejection.
      Because not everything is going to work out your way all the time and it may hurt you like the worst bee sting but that's when you have to pick yourself up and move the hell on. There are better things ahead of you :)

13. Keep in touch with your high school teachers.
      Trust me, you're going to miss them a lot later on.

14. It is always okay to experiment with your looks.
      Because if not now then when?

15. Try and not do stupid things.
       We know you don't have a control over these things most of the time because normal people tend to make silly decisions in the spur of the moment but what goes in trying, right?  For example: Don't over pluck your eyebrows :P

There must be many other things we as adults could relate to, this is just a throwback to a few of them. Also, I hope this helped a few of you teenagers out there to get a clear perspective of the do's and don'ts.
We'd love it if you have more things to add on to this list, do let us know :)

See you soon,
              - MYD :)

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