Thursday, March 24, 2016

Forever and Always

We apologize for not posting at all this month. We thank you all for the patience you have had with us and we promise that we will post regularly from now! Also we have a lot of new exciting posts coming your way so do keep reading. :)

A couple of days back I was watching this beautiful movie called 'Marley and Me' for the umpteenth time. The relationship that the Grogan family shares with their dog Marley always reminds me of the relationship that I had with my dog, Moti.

Moti came to our house when I was two years old. I was visiting Bangalore for the summer to meet my grandparents and Moti, a tiny white ball of fur decided to camp outside my Naani's gate for two days. He was adorable and we all decided to take him in and make him a part of our family. We decided to name him Moti because in Hindi, Moti means pearl and this little cutie was white like one. When we took him for his first vaccination we were told that he is a mongrel and possibly a cross breed of a labrador. Whatever his breed was, we didn't care bacause we already loved him with all our heart.
I had to go back to Mumbai but I used to visit him every summer until I was in 5th grade, post which we decided to shift to Bangalore with my grandparents. I was overjoyed as I would get to live with my charming dog forever.

Moti and I literally grew up together. He was my best friend, my brother and my partner in crime. Moti left us last December after completing 18 years of his life. He lived a long beautiful life in which he was loved by everyone alike.

In today's post I would like to share ten awesome things that happen to you if you have an extra addition to your family!

  1.  Even if they aren't allowed on the bed they will find a way to make themselves confortable on it. Basically your bed is your dog's bed as well. After all he is family!

       2.  They love to snuggle inside comfy blankets. Well who doesn't?

     3.  Your friends are your dog's friends. Infact they even visit home just to meet your dog and not you.

  4.  You always have a friend to talk to :)

  5.  You don't need an alarm clock anymore as your dog will wake you up everyday at a particular time. Yes, EVERYDAY, even on holidays!

    6.  The food on your plate isn't just your food anymore. Cos sharing is caring and also who can say no to that face?

   7.  No matter what they do, you can never ever be mad at them for too long.

  8.  You will always have someone waiting for you at home!

 9.   They will love you with everything they have, much more than you can ever imagine!

  10. You will miss them terribly when they are gone.

Moti showed me the true meaning of selfless love. Undoubtedly these 18 years with him will always be the best years of my life. Growing up with a companion is one of the most amazing things that can ever happen to you. He taught me that love and loyalty is all we have and this is why I will always keep him very close to my heart.

I urge you all to go adopt a dog if possible. Provide them with a home and food and they will love you like you have never been loved. They say that when you adopt a dog you save a life. A lot of people think that it means you will be saving the dog's life but in reality he is the one who is saving yours! :)

Until next time,

MYD :)

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