Friday, May 27, 2016

A Japanese Affair

Trying different type of cuisines is something one must never be afraid of. It might not always be a treat to your taste buds but its always worth a shot! And that's exactly what we decided to do last weekend. A few of my friends and I decided to try some Japanese food and trust me, it was so worth it.

Teppan is located very close to Ulsoor lake in Bangalore. I absolutely fell in love with the ambiance and feel of the place, very traditional and authentic. I wished they had the traditional Japanese seating arrangement but oh well!

Obviously sushi was on top of our 'what are we going to order' list. We ordered the Shake Maki. You can order a half (4 pc) or a full (8 pc) plate of sushi with a slight difference in their rates. This one consisted of spiced fresh salmon rolled with sushi vinegered rice, nari and cucumber. For a person trying sushi for the very first time, it was yum. Also, I loved the plating and all the little details. [Warning: The wasabi they provide along with it has a very strong taste. It gets to your head and you can probably feel the taste of it everytime you think of it :P]

We were all too excited so we wanted to try a bit of everything and the closest we could get to that was by ordering the Bento. It was basically like a combo meal which was not only healthy and nutritious but also the quickest way to treat our taste buds with some Japanese fare. We ordered two of those so that we could try the different food items included under it.
Bento no. 1: 
Tori salad - lettuce+chicken+spicy mayo dressing topped with tempura crunch
Grilled chicken - chicken leg grilled in Japanese homemade teriyaki sauce
Maki(Sushi) - Sanaka maki - fish with vinegared rice and nori
Yaki udon vegetables - wheat noodles grilled with assorted vegetables in veg miso sauce

Bento no. 2:
Marugo salad - shredded grilled tune+cucumber+iceberg lettuce+lemon mayo dressing topped with tempura crunch and sesame seeds
Grilled tenderloin - tenderloin grilled in pepper steak sauce
Kerai sakana maki(Sushi) - fish delicately spiced and rolled with vinegered rice and nori
Niniku yakimeshi - Burnt garlic and vegetable fried rice

I love these traditional names of dishes even though they're like tongue twisters :P
The bento also included some yummy mocktails and desserts too!

But before we could dive into these mouth-watering desserts we were served by Mr. Shibu. We weren't full after having the bento so we decided to order chicken fried rice and prawn noodles. Mr. Shibu cooked those right in front of us on the cooking platform but before he actually got on to making the rice and noodles for us, he performed some mind blowing knife stunts and magic tricks! He was so lively and entertaining, it's hard to forget him. And to top it all off, he cooked us a great meal after! 


The pricing of the place was pretty decent according to what we ordered and the quantity was good. By the end of it we were happy and satisfied with what we had.

We love telling you guys about new places and cuisines as and when we try them. :) Do let us know if you check out any of these places and how you like them.


       - MYD 

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