Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Be Your Own Hero!

How many times have you not done something because you are afraid of being judged? The thought of what your distant annoying aunties will say or the fear that you will fail at it, a fear that you've been breeding since your childhood? I am sure most of us have been there. I have definitely been there quite a few times. Recently I have not only learnt to face these monsters in my head but I have also learnt how to let go of such thoughts. Not sure what exactly I am talking about yet? Well, just keep reading.

Social anxiety disorder or the simple fear of being judged is something a lot of us suffer from unknowingly. We don't attempt new things because we are scared of how the society will react. Social anxiety disorder is unfortunately very common, in fact, one of the largest mental health problems today. Most of us deal with it up to some level at some point in our life. I know a lot of people who won't step out of their comfort zone because they are afraid that they will fail in whatever they do or because their peers might react adversely to it. Due to this a lot of us end up hating what we do but we do it anyway because its tagged apt by the society that we live in. If you're reading this then please make a note saying 'There will always be a pessimist no matter where you go. Do not let that affect you' and read it over and over again.

Have a passion for something different like music or dance or baking? Get up and get working on it. Open a store or teach others. Turn your hobbies into your passion and I assure you that you'll never regret it. It's just the first step that is difficult. Once you take that step the journey is only uphill. Don't let others get to you because people will always judge and most of them are the ones who are unhappy with their own lives. There are a lot of encouraging people out there who will support you throughout your journey. These are the people who may or may not know you personally but they will stand by you through all your endeavors and slowly they will become your family. They will support you and you should support them back in their journey. Always remember, appreciation and supporting others in their little endeavors goes a long way.

Have faith in yourself and trust your instincts. If you don't believe in yourself then how can you expect others to? Don't question your potential, you will never start off by being the best! Find your passion and work hard towards your goal. Put your heart and soul into it and sooner or later you will reach where you want to because chasing your dreams is never futile.

If Priya and I had contemplated too much then this blog would have never existed. We might not be the best out there but we definitely are passionate about what we do. We love what we are doing and it really helps us get away with our stressful college schedules. We are slowly picking up and learning how to make the best use of this little space we own on the internet. Everything takes time. You need to understand that. Patience is everything.

Things always don't work out the way you imagine it. There will be a lot of hurdles on the way but if you have faith in your passion then you will get through all of them. Things might not be perfect but I promise you that you will be able to find beauty in its flaws. If people put you down then get up and try harder the next time. Always remember, nothing is permanent. Don't let others define you. You should always be the one controlling your life, it's yours for a reason. Be your own hero.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. 

          MYD :)

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