Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Closet organisation?

Since summer is almost gone (at least it has in Bangalore), it's time to get your winter swag on and that is why we decided to tell you guys a few simple steps to organize your closet! We know that closet organization can be a little tricky and a lot of us struggle with keeping it in order but with these simple tips you will be able to make your closet a little more organized that what it already is!

1. Dump everything on your bed first. Clean your bed and then dump all your clothes on it. It makes it easier to sort it out. Bring in your stuff from everywhere possible to evaluate your whole situation. This is also a great way to ensure you finish organizing everything because nobody likes to sleep on a messy bed!

2. Once everything is out, make sure you clean the insides of your wardrobe thoroughly. There must be a lot of dust settled in there so it's advisable to clean it up properly before you put your clothes in there again.

3. Keep, repair and remove: Divide your clothes into these three categories. Keep is when you know you're going to wear these clothes long term and they need no fixing. Repair is for when you have to get a part of it altered or put an extra button etc., and remove for when you know you will no longer use these clothes. Think about the throw clothes carefully. Think if you see a future with those clothes and then decide. You can either give them away to charity or sell them online You can also do DIYs on some and fix them. Sometimes you won't even know how some things got in there: Throw them :P

4. You NEED to separate your clothes in different categories. Pile them up and set it up in your closet it in such a way that you can see everything easily when you open your closet in the morning. We're all lazy, so having it all right in front of you makes it much easier.  Color coding them is an option if you have the patience. :P

5. Hot glue on slippery hangers. If your hangers are slippery, put hot glue on it sides and wait for it to dry, then hang your clothes on it. Hopefully they wont slip off then.

6. Laundry is the key. While making piles make sure that the clothes that need to go to the laundry, go there. Sniff them and check them for stains. This goes even for the seasonal clothes. You don't want to take them out 6 months later and find them stinking and not ready to use.

7.  Give a deadline to a few clothes. If you have "maybe" pile then ask yourself when was the last time you actually wore that? You'll have your answer right there. If you're still not sure if you have to get rid of it or not then keep it in your wardrobe in a separate pile and if you don't use it in the next two months or so then you probably need to get rid of it.

8.  After you're done with all of the above, put your keep pile back inside and you're set!

I know organizing your closet is a huge task but it gets annoying to see a very messed up wardrobe and when we can't find anything to wear, it gets worse. I'm the laziest person I know and  I do this routine only once in 4 or 5 months and just struggle once it goes haywire again. I cleaned mine recently and decided to share these steps with you guys. Helped me quite a bit, hope it helps you guys too :)

Until next time,
                  -  MYD!

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