Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Off shoulders and summery pinks!

I think online shopping is anyone's weakest point. I mean, what could be better than chilling in your PJ's and going on a shopping spree? (Ans: Cheese burst pizza)
I came across StalkBuyLove quite recently and was quite tempted to check out their website. I'd actually been searching for a cool off shoulder top because - 1. Summer and 2. I guess they're a trend now. So while surfing, I came across this beautiful flair top and I fell in love, major reason being that lovely shade of pink.
Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with pink. The amount of pink I have in my wardrobe is unbelievable. Ask Aditi.
Coming back to the shade of pink on this top, I think its the perfect summer pink and I love the white detailing on it. Anything looks good when paired with a pair of denims, minimal jewelry and a light pink lipstick right? Also, I'm guessing my fringe plays a big role in how this look turned out and I'm loving it.
On the whole, I think this is a very casual day out with the girls kinda look and very easy to pull off! Tell us how you guys like it :)

Top: StalkBuyLove
Denims: Mango
Jewelry: Turkey street shopping
Footwear: People

      - MYD!

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