Friday, July 15, 2016

#Best10WithMYD - Coffee

Your daily coffee fix is here! :D
Apart from keeping you awake on those long work nights, coffee has a variety of other uses!

1. To speed up composting.

2. To exfoliate. Coffee is a great to get rid of dead skin. Just rub it on your face for smooth amazing skin.

3. For glossy hair. Cool down a freshly brewed coffee pot and apply it on dry hair. Wash it off after 20 mins.

4. In homemade cushion. Fill up homemade cushions with dried coffee beans.

5. To clean grease from tiles. Mix coffee with soapy water and scrub.

6. In brownies. Coffee goes really well with almost all desserts actually. Use them in brownies, cakes, puddings anything.

7. To reduce eye puffiness. Make a paste of coffee and some water and apply it on your under eye area for 15 mins.

8. To freshen up your room. Coffee has a great aroma which instantly freshens up the room.

9. As a natural dye. Coffee mixed with water forms a beautiful sepia colored dye which can be used in crafts.

10. In room decor. Coffee beans look and smell great. They can be used to decorate your room in your make brush holder or just a vase to hold flowers in place.

MYD :)

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