Wednesday, July 6, 2016

#Best10WithMYD - Hair Dryer

The next post in the #Best10WithMYD series is gonna be about how you can use your hair dryer for various purposes. In today's post we have listed down ten different things for which we use our hair dryer other than blow drying our hair!

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1. To break in new heels or shoes. Put on your socks and wear your new pair of footwear and just blow dry over it. This will help stretch out your shoes thereby preventing shoe bites.

2. For drying nail paint. Most of the times we put on the nail paint at the last moment and have very little time for it to dry out. Use your hair dryer in the low heat or cool setting to help dry nail paint faster.

3. To dry damp makeup sponges or brushes after cleaning.

4. To remove labels or stickers from anywhere. Using a hair dryer over a sticker loosens up the glue and makes it easier to peel off.

5. For hair straightening. Most of the times we don't have enough time to blow dry and then use a straightener. Moreover using a hair dryer and a straightener back to back will make your hair dry. Ditch the straightener and blow dry your hair in sections pulling it downwards. It will give the straight hair effect.

6. To warm the eyelash curler. Warm your eyelash curler prior using to make your lashes longer and neatly curled. Ensure that the curler isn't too hot before application.

7. To clean dust on keyboards. Cleaning the dust off the keyboard becomes very easy using a blow dryer. Just make sure you use it in the cool setting for this.

8. To soften butter before baking. Butter is generally the last item that one removes from the fridge while baking and bringing it to room temperature can be quite a task. Soften the butter in just a few minutes using a hair dryer.

9. To create quick beach curls. Apply little hair spray and divide your hair into 3-4 sections depending on it's thickness and braid each section separately. Blow dry each section and open up the braids. Set the curls using some setting spray.

10. To spot iron clothes. If you happen to drop your drink or food on your clothes then just clean the spot with some water and dry it quickly using a hair dryer.

These are just some of the ways we use our hair dryer and we hope this post will help you discover the full potential of your under rated hair dryer thrown in one of the drawers!
If you guys have any suggestions for the next item in the #Best10WithMYD series then do let us know.

         MYD :)

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