Tuesday, July 12, 2016

#Best10withMYD - Vodka

We bet you'll love this one ;)

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1. To freshen laundry. If you're lazy and don't like doing laundry, this tip is for you.

2. Preserve flowers. It can help you find love and also preserve symbols of it! Crazy, isn't it? Just mix a few drop of vodka with a teaspoon of sugar and it to the water in your vase. The flowers stay fresh longer :)

3. For shinier hair. Just add a bit of vodka  in your 12-ounce bottle of shampoo. It helps you get rid of dandruff and keeps your hair healthy!

4. To ease a toothache. Obviously your first priority should going to the dentist but sometimes its just not possible to go right away and that's when you try and swish a shot of vodka in the affected area. It's bound to numb the pain.

5. As an aftershave. For all you men out there, it works wonders on your face. Go ahead and try it! You can also use it to keep your razors sharp and clean by keeping it soaked in vodka.

6. Prevent color fading. Spray vodka on dark clothes to prevent it from fading and removing odour.

7.  Air freshener. Spraying vodka in air leaves the room refreshed without leaving a scent. You can use essential oils for a scent. 

8. To cure a soar throat. Mix a tablespoon of vodka with warm water and gargle.

9. To remove rust from screws. Leave the screws in plain vodka for a while and then wipe off the rust.

10. Glass cleaner. Mix vodka and water for a streak free shine!

Haha, who knew vodka could do all this as well! Don't judge us, we're just two girls with some left over vodka :P

     MYD! :)

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