Sunday, October 30, 2016

Diwali '16!

Hey guysss!
What's not to love about Diwali, right?! So much light, color and positivity around us :) and the fooood <3 haha!

Aditi and I have a weirdly similar dressing sense and we ended up buying similar kind of outfits with contrasting shades for Diwali. Nevertheless, they're different in their own unique way! We styled these unique indo-western kurti-skirt designs with the typical jhumkas and bindis to give it a traditional touch and we fell in love with the blend of  all these colors come to life.

'Diwali is the festival of the victory of good over evil, the return of Lord Ram after a 14 year exhile.
Hindus all over the world consider this day to be very auspicious and dress in their best ethnic attire to celebrate this festival. Light your lamps and burst your crackers but remember to be safe :) Wishing you guys a very Happy Diwali from us :*

Until next time,

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