Sunday, December 4, 2016

Products I wish I had discovered earlier!

Hey guys!
We haven't been able to post a lot and that's only because both of us have exams going on and things have been quite hectic. :( We have been working hard to bring some great posts for you all! Thank you for all your love and patience. :)

Over the past few months I have been trying out a couple of new products and I have fallen in love with a few of them. My only regret is that I didn't discover them earlier! So for this week I decided to tell you guys all about them. I have mentioned all the prices under each one!
If you happen to try any of them then do let us know your take on it :)

Skin Care and Makeup -  

Himalaya Purifying Neem Peel-Off Mask. You guys know how much I love Himalaya. I have already written a post reviewing a couple of their products. You can read about it right here. I had tried their Almond and Cucumber Peel-Off and I wasn't very impressed but I recently used the Neem one and it was amazing! It makes my skin feel so fresh while fighting pimples at the same time. It even peels off effortlessly unlike the Almond & Cucumber one. If you guys are looking for a new refreshing peel off then you should give this one a try!

Rs 70/-

Natures's Lacto Sun Tan Removal. This is undoubtedly one of the best tan removals I have come across. I found it at the nearest Ayurveda store and it is brilliant. I love the results and its completely natural so it doesn't have any adverse reactions to my skin. A lot of people use chemical bleaching tan removals which can cause a lot of damage to your skin. This product has milk and honey and it not only smells amazing but it also works really well.

Rs 85/-

Veda Earth Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack + Face Oil Combo. I got this combo from the same Ayurveda store mentioned above. This is a face pack + face oil combo which can be used everyday unlike other face packs which we generally use once or twice a week. It has a powder pack which has to be used with rose water for application and you can also mix the face oil to prevent drying. I haven't been using this everyday but I do try to use it every alternate day and I am loving the results. It has lightened all my spots and also helped fight blemishes. It gives a very beautiful glow to the skin when used regularly!

Rs 565/-

Clenz U Charcoal Nose Strips. I recently got introduced to nose strips. Before this I had never used a nose strip because I was scared it will just make my pores big. But I was very wrong and I am so glad I picked this up! I researched a lot on pore strips and found out that these should be used only once in 3-4 weeks and only if it's used in excess will it cause enlarged pores. If used right they are great to unclog pores! I find it so satisfying to use this charcoal nose strip as it unclogs all the pores on my nose giving me a fresh look. You can find this in your nearest Health and Glow store.

Rs 49/-

Plum NaturStudio all day wear kohl kajal. If you are a kajal lover then you must try this product! Priya and me love wearing kajal because it instantly glams up a dull look. This kajal is waterproof which makes it ideal for daily wear. Also it does not smudge so you don't have to worry about it smudging under your eye making it look like you've got really bad dark circles. It is very smooth and glides on the waterline effortlessly. It is definitely one of the best kajals I have gotten my hands on!

Rs 425/-

Body Care - 

Nykaa Shower Gel. Priya gave me this shower gel in French Lavender in October and I love it so much that I have already finished most of it! I love the fragrance as it's very subtle and fresh. Nykaa has combinations of shower gels, perfumes and body lotions of the same flavor so that you don't have different fragrances getting mixed up due to different products and I love this concept. I also have the perfume in French Lavender and that smells exactly the same as the shower gel to maintain the fragrance!

Shower Gel - Rs 450/-
Fragrance Mist- Rs 700/-

Philips Satinelle Wet and Dry Epilator. I bought this epilator almost 6 months back and I wanted to use it a couple of times before telling you guys about it. This epilator is one of the best ways to take care of your body hair! It becomes practically painless after you have used it a couple of times. It also has a wet setting and that means you can use it in your shower but I personally feel that it works better when dry. It also has a shaving head just in case you don't feel like epilating. I feel it's very handy and it saves me a lot of time! 

Rs 6495/-

Hair Care

Streax Hair Serum. I don't generally experiment a lot with hair products but I enjoy trying new hair serums and I love this one! It is infused with walnut oil which smoothens, softens and polishes the hair. I apply it on damp hair after washing it and the results are amazing. It gives a natural shine to my hair and makes it frizz free till my next hairwash. The results are long lasting and very impressive!

Rs 190/-

Hope you guys liked this post! :)

MYD :)


  1. I have tried few of the products which you have reviewed. The Himalaya Purifying Neem Peel-Off Mask is surely the best mask i have tried uptil now. i liked the way you have also mentioned the prices.

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