Saturday, December 31, 2016

Throwback to 2016!

Is it just me or even you guys feel like 2016 went by with a blink of an eye?! I think this year has been the foundation year of some of the bestest years to come ahead of us  and I'm delighted to have made it through. Surely, it had it's ups and downs, but it has some of the best memories I'll cherish for a lifetime!  
I know it sounds very cliche to say that a new year marks the beginning of fresh starts and what not, but it's never too late to start refining yourself to just become a better version of you! So just use the start of the new year as an excuse, maybe? Leave all the negativity behind in 2016 and start working on 2017 and own it! Make it your year and work your ass off to achieve the things you've always wanted to. Be kind and optimistic and good things will happen. 
Aditi and I started this blog in January and I think it is one of the most gutsy things we have done in a while and not regretted one second of it. I actually can't believe our first bloggiversary is about a fortnight away! We are also more than happy to announce #20DaysWithMYD from the 1st of January to the 20th! You will see a new post from each and every day for the next 20 days, starting tomorrow. So, brace yourselves! ;) 
Apart from our blog, it has also been a great year of firsts for us. I took my very first international trip to Sri Lanka and Aditi had a life changing experience of giving a shot scuba diving for the very first time. She also took her very first solo trip to Rishikesh this year, which I think is absolutely crazy. We also took a great risk and went all out on getting completely new hairstyles. It's a huge thing for us because we never usually mess with things like our hair. :P 
Not to forget, the both of us turned 21 this year and entered our final year of engineering. YAY! Oh and I also got see the most magical band, Coldplay, perform live at Mumbai. The feeling was surreal <3

That was our year in a nutshell and we cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for us :) 
We wish you a very Happy and Delightful 2017! Always stay motivated :)

See you guys tomorrow :)
Lots of love,

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