Thursday, December 15, 2016

~ Winter Skin Care ~

Hey guys!
Winter is finally here and it calls for an updated skin care routine. Our skin gets more dry and dull this time of the year and requires us to take extra care to keep it looking healthy and happy. So this post is going to be all about winter skincare and will also include a few home remedies that you could use to keep your skin glowing and full of life.

Tips for healthy skin this winter - 

1. Try aloe vera for dry flaky skin. Aloe vera can do wonders to your skin especially during winter. If you happen to have a plant just like how I do at home then you just have to cut one leaf, squeeze out the gel and directly apply it on your face. In case you don't have a plant then you could also buy aloe vera gel online or from a beauty store near you. 

2. Do not neglect your lips. Give your lips some TLC by using lip scrubs and heavy lip balms. Using lip scrubs is an essential part of taking care of your lips and preventing them from becoming too dry or flaky. You could get lip scrubs easily from any super market or you could just DIY it. I mix sugar with some coconut oil and scrub my lips with it using an old tooth brush. After scrubbing lock the moisture in by using a heavy soothing lip balm. There are many options available in the market so you could pick whatever you like. I recently discovered the Biotique Bio Almond overnight therapy lip balm and I have been absolutely loving it. I apply a generous coat of it before going to bed and wake up each morning with soft supple lips. 

3. Scrubbing your body is equally important but be careful not to over scrub or you'll end up with rashes. Using mild scrubs is the key. Do not use new store bought scrubs as they might irritate. Stick to your old trusted scrubs or just use homemade ones. The coffee scrub is a great alternative to bottled scrubs and it does wonders for your skin be it winter or summer. For the coffee scrub all you have to do is mix coconut oil with some instant coffee and you're done. It's super easy and gives great results. You can also read the other benefits that coffee has in our post right here. :)

4. Switch your usual body lotion for a heavy body cream. You could try the body butter from The Body Shop. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives then Vaseline and Ponds have great heavy body lotions too. 

5. Another great way to keep your skin soft and supple is by taking an oil bath at least once a week. It basically just means applying oil all over your body 20-30 mins before taking a bath. Coconut oil is amazing for this.

6. Do not forget to oil your hair before every hair wash!  Oiling your hair preconditions it and keeps dry scalp at bay. It is a great tip to keep your hair shiny and frizz free all winter! I use a mix of Coconut oil and Olive oil as a pre-conditioner. You could also use Moroccon oil if you are trying to grow out your hair quickly.

7. If your feet get too dry during winters then this tip is for you. Apply a thick coat of Vaseline on your feet and wear socks before going to bed. Your feet will be incredibly soft the next day.

8. Mix heavy creams or moisturizers in your foundation to keep your skin from getting dry due to makeup. 

9. If you have very dry skin then glycerin is your best friend! Apply glycerin all over the areas where your skin is too dry with a cotton ball, let it sit for at least 20 mins and then wash your face with your usual face wash. If you cannot get hold of glycerin then you could substitute it with coconut oil but remember not to leave coconut oil on your face overnight. Strangely enough it might dry your skin.

10. And finally, drink lots of water! Keeping yourself hydrated all round the year is very important in order to maintain healthy skin. 

3 home made face packs - 

One of the best and most easily available face packs in India is Multani Mitti. I am sure all of you have used this at least once and know exactly what I am talking about. Its quick and easy and gives great results!

Although this is a great option but sometimes its fun to try some new face packs especially when they can be made from things that are always there at home! So here are 3 simple and very effective home made face packs that are great for winters - 

1. Lemon + Honey
Mix half a lemon with two teaspoons of honey and apply it all over your face. Keep it on for twenty minutes before washing it off and viola you're done. Who knew taking care of your skin could be that easy? This pack is great for dry and combination skin. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C while honey has anti inflammatory properties which will soothe itchy irritated skin.

2. Gram flour + Yogurt + Turmeric
Gram flour or better known as besan is available in everyone's houses. Mix a teaspoon of besan with 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Add a pinch of turmeric to this mixture and your face pack is ready. This pack is great for combination and oily skin. It also helps reduce any dark patches and acne scars. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and avoids zits. Make sure you don't add a lot of turmeric though because a lot of it can stain your skin yellow.

3. Yogurt + Honey + Rose water 
Mix a teaspoon of yogurt with two teaspoons of honey and rose water each to make this amazing face pack. This one is great for people with particularly dry skin which becomes worse during winters. 

Everyone's skin is different and while some face packs might not work well for you, it might do wonders to others. So go ahead and try new packs until you find your holy grail face pack :D 

MYD :) 


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