Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 12 - Products I regret buying!

Hey guys!
Last month I posted about the products I wish I had discovered earlier. So for today's post I decided to something along the same lines yet slightly different and that's why I am going to tell you all about a couple of products that I regret buying.

Disclaimer -  I am in no way trying to demean any brand. Most of the brands here on this list make some of my favorite products. It's just that these are a few of their products that I didn't like and that didn't work well for me. These are only my personal views which might differ from yours.

Now that the disclaimer is done let's get started. :P
Also, I will be giving you alternatives to each of products mentioned here that worked better for me.

Tresemme Beauti-Full Volume Reverse System shampoo and conditioner. Tresemme has been my go-to hair care brand for many years now, so the day I saw this new launch I just wanted to get my hands on it. The product promises to give more volume to your hair using a reverse system. So you first condition your hair and then shampoo it. The concept sounded very interesting but it did not work for me. It just made my hair look flimsy and dull.
Alternative - Any other Tresemme range works well. My favorites are Keratin Smooth and Spa Rejuvenation.

Himalaya Almond & Cucumber Peel-Off Mask. I love peel-off masks but this particular one was terrible. I don't know if its the formulation problem or what but this does just not peel off evenly. It leaves traces which are really difficult to clean and it just irritated my skin more.
Alternative - Himalaya Neem Peel-Off is amazing. You might have seen it in my Himalaya favorites.

Maybelline Falsies Volum Express Mascara. I know I said good things about this mascara in a post earlier last year but that was just the first month of me using it. This mascara worked really well for the first one or two months and after that it just dried up a lot and started to clump my lashes. I loathe clumpy lashes so this one is a big no for me. I don't know if it's just the unit I got or if it always dries up like this.
Alternative - Maybelline Colossal Mascara. It is definitely the best drugstore mascara you can get your hands on.

Victoria's Secret Strawberry & Champagne body mist. I love Victoria's Secret body mists and I have a huge collection of them. I need them on a daily basis but this particular fragrance didn't work for me. I hated it so much that I never used it once more after opening it (You can still see the plastic packaging). I just find this mist too alcoholic for my liking. It's weirdly strong and the smell irritates me just a little.
Alternative - Just any other VS mist is great!

Lotus Safe Sun Detan Face Pack. I own a couple of Lotus products and I absolutely love them so when I discovered this face pack I just picked it up. I wanted a detan face pack as I was going on a holiday soon and I wanted something to keep my skin glowing throughout and even after coming back. This product definitely didn't do that to me. This product not only has a pungent smell but it also irritated my skin leaving it red. Although I disliked this product a lot, it worked pretty well for my mom.
Alternative - My trusty Nature's Lacto Tan Clear.

Pond's BB+ cream. BB creams are my go-to product almost everyday. The thing I love most about BB creams is that they come with SPF protection so you can ditch your sunscreen. I have tried a lot of BB creams and this one is definitely at the bottom of my favorite list. The Pond's cream has only one shade and its just too white even for my lighter skin tone friends. It doesn't blend well and is very patchy on the skin. I surely wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
Alternative - Garnier BB cream is brilliant and I can vouch for that.

Do let us know what are the products that you regret buying. We would love to hear from you. :)
See you tomorrow :)x

MYD :)

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