Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 16 - Pamper Yourself!

Hey guys!
Can't believe MYD is gonna turn 1 in just 4 days! :D
For today's post I thought I should share my pamper evening routine because who doesn't like pampering themselves? :P I have been having such pamper sessions for years now but the routine keeps changing. And honestly I feel this is a great way to unwind without spending thousands of rupees at spas. I make sure I do this at least twice a month and also on days when I am not feeling too good about myself.
So sit back while I take you through my current pamper evening routine and essentials.

1. The first thing I do is oil my hair with my favorite coconut + olive oil mix. I massage the oil well into my scalp and I do this step first so that my hair gets enough time to get pre-conditioned.

2. The next thing I do is scrub and cleanse my face and also use a sugar scrub on my lips. Exfoliation is the key to soft smooth skin. I normally use Himalaya scrubs to exfoliate my face.

3. After exfoliating and cleansing my face I move on to a face mask. I use a wide variety of face masks and just choose one randomly. I generally pick a clay mask or one of my trusty Himalaya face packs.

4. While my mask dries, I clean my makeup brushes. During the week I am guilty of not deep cleaning my makeup brushes so I make sure I do that on such evenings.

5. All of this takes approximately 30 mins post which I take nice long bath using my favorite body scrubs. I use Tresemme's Keratin Shine range or the Spa Rejuvenation range to wash and condition my hair.

6.  Then I moisturize my skin using a body cream and get into my favorite comfy pajamas. I massage my face using the essential oil mix. I also use a heavy lip balm for my lips. Currently I have been obsessing over Biotique's almond overnight therapy lip balm.

7. Then I fill 1/4th of a bucket with some warm water mixed with a little Epsom salt and soak my feet in it for 15 to 20 minutes. This step really relaxes you and makes your feet super soft. The reason I do this after taking a bath is because this step makes me really sleepy! :P

8. While I soak my feet I read a book or reply to all unacknowledged messages.

9. After this I cut my toe nails because cutting your nails is the easiest after soaking them.

10. I make sure my hair is all dried up and if it's not then blow dry it and go to sleep! :D

I hope you guys liked this routine and it maybe gave you ideas for your next pamper evening. Unwinding is really important because in our busy schedules we always forget to take care of ourselves! Trust me you will get the best sleep after this routine and you'll wake up fresh the next day ready to take on this world. :P

See you tomorrow :)x


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