Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 19 - Easy & Effortless Makeup

Hey guys!
Today is the last beauty post of #20DaysWithMYD and it is one of the most requested posts - a simple and basic makeup look! Since we covered topics like skincare, finding the right foundation, lipstick hacks and tips to apply mascara in the past weeks, it now seemed apt to tell you all about my simple and go to make up routine. 
My knowledge in makeup is very limited as I am not a makeup artist and this might not be the way you do your makeup. Whatever I know is what I have learned by a trial and error method and it's worked for me pretty well. 
Now since that's out of the way keep reading to know how I do my make up. :D

This is a simple day look which you can pretty much wear anywhere and on any outfit. You can obviously jazz it up a bit depending on what kind of a look you are going for. :)

The first thing you need to do before applying any makeup product is to prep your face. You can do so by applying some sunscreen (DO NOT skip this!) and then a moisturizer over it. I make sure I use the moisturizer especially during winters so that my skin doesn't become flaky.

Next I start with my base makeup. Now this is the most important part of your entire routine. Getting your base right is really important to make your makeup look flawless. I use L'oreal's Infallible foundation and its a full coverage foundation. It's very build-able and blends into your skin seamlessly. If you need help in picking up a perfect foundation then do read my post on foundation basics.

Once you have got your foundation in place it's time for concealer. Now since it's a build-able full coverage foundation, I just double it up as a concealer and it works really well. I use a technique called baking under my eye. Its basically just blending in your concealer and then applying a coat of translucent powder on it for about 5 - 10 minutes and then dusting it off. This hides the dark circles very effectively and also sets your under eye makeup in place.
So while I bake my under eye area I move on to the other steps. I apply a thick layer of any lip balm and I do this to prep my lips for lipstick.

Now that the base makeup is almost sorted I move on to the eyes. I curl my lashes before applying liner because if I do this step after then I might remove off a little bit of the liner. After curling, I draw a very thin line using my gel eye liner and I do this because it looks very natural. I use Maybelline's gel eye liner for this step. This look doesn't use eyeshadows on the eye lids but if you are going for a more dramatic look then feel free to thicken up your eye liner and also add some shimmery eye shadow. Then I tight-line my upper and lower water line using my plum kajal. [Tight-lining is basically just applying a nice generous layer of kajal on the upper and lower water lines.] The last step is to apply mascara to give my lashes that extra lift. I use Maybelline's Colossal Volum Express Mascara.

By now my under eye would be set so I dust off the excess translucent powder and then apply a little bit of the champagne color from my Maybelline Nudes Palette in the inner corner of my eye. This step brightens up my eyes and makes my eyes look more open. I finish my eyes by setting my eyebrows in place using a spoolie. You can apply a brow gel at this point if you are filling in your brows. I am going to skip it because I don't generally fill my brows.

Now just use a compact powder to set your entire face. I use Maybelline's Super Fresh Compact. Once you have set your makeup, apply just a tinge of blush to the apples of your cheeks to give it that flush of color. For this look I have used Lakme's 9 to 5 blush as it's really subtle and natural.
Finally I have finished the look with some Maybelline's Lip gradation in the shade pink 2.

So here it is, a simple makeup look which is very easy to recreate. This look is something I wear a lot because it's very light and natural. 
I believe that one should wear makeup not to look like someone else but to enhance the features that you already have. Wearing makeup is a personal choice and it's something I enjoy doing. 
I hope this post answered all your questions. I have tried to break down every step. :)

We will be back tomorrow with our last post for this month! :)


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