Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day 4 - Web Series Favorites!

Good evening guys!
2016 has surprisingly been a year of great Indian web series. You'd know if you've binge watched any of them like us. And not to forget, they have quite the masala and variety to keep you hooked!
We've watched way too many in the past year and it was quite difficult to pick out our favorites, but here are our top 5 :D

Little Things - This one's our absolute favorite! It's about how a couple living in together does the cutest things to keep each other happy and have a healthy relationship even with many speed bumps on their way. It truly tells us everything is just about the 'little things.

                                             'Image result for little things dice media

Alisha -  Alisha is a fashion detective. It's like a mystery suspense kind of genre. She has to face the challenges of the fashion industry that is generally hidden from the real world. Very entertaining and keeps you hooked.

Image result for Alisha blush

The Trip - four best girls set out on a road trip from India to Thailand for one of their bachelorette, discovering themselves and making unforgettable memories on their way. This one's a total roller coaster of unexpected events!

Image result for the trip web series

Bang Baaja Baaraat- A Modern love story about how love marriages can be. The girl is from a rich family while the boy is from a small town but he's made it big in life. It's the drama that unfolds when the two families get together for their wedding and how they finally get married.

Image result for band baaja baaraat web series
Girl in the City - A story of a girl struggling to make her way into the fashion world in the city of Mumbai and follow her dreams. This one tells us about the hardships we face in the real world. 

Image result for girl in the city web series

I hope you guys watch some of these Indian web series, they're pretty good! Let us know which one you like the best. :) Also, tell us if you have any suggestions for us :D We will surely check them out 

See you tomorrow with #Day4! x


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