Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 6 - 2016 Favorites!

 Hi guyss!
I never got a chance to show you guys some of my favorites through-out last year, so I thought why not do an over-all 2016 favorites? :D  These are the few go-to things I used on repeat throughout last year.
The first one is  my  most favorite Forever 21 cardigan! It's so light, simple and perfect when layered with almost anything. Loving the tassel detail on this one.

Then I'm in love with the jewelry stand I got from Chumbak this year. It's so convenient and cute. 

I'd like to mention my shades I've worn all year long. These are perfect and go with any kind of outfit. Yeah, the crazy hype for round glares made be buy the blue ones.

I'm a person who puts on lipstick at the rarest occasions. Last year I fortunately developed a love for Nude lipsticks and my most favorite one is from Nykaa's So Matte range in the shade Taupe Thrill. It's the perfect shade of Nude and is easy to carry out with any outfit. Not too much, not too less.

There's a neck-piece I fell in love with while shopping in Goa and I had to get it. I can't wait to style this with a bunch of my outfits!

Might sound a little cheeky but i'm in love with how one of the walls in my room are set up. Can't get over the abstract wall shelves and my little personal space right beside it :D Can't wait to groom my room a bit more and show you guys a little room tour here :P

My dad visited quite a few different countries last year and he's made sure he got me something unique from wherever he went. but amongst everything, this sling has to be my favorite! I love how it has a personal touch to it and is perfect size for  daily use.

Apart from all these things, my favorite holiday was definitely to beautiful Sri Lanka during the festival of lights, my favorite song has to be Closer by The Chainsmokers and Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra, and I've loved watching Indian web series like 'Little Things' and 'Girl in the City.'

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you guys! Comment below and let us know what your 2016 favorites were, too. :) 

Goodnight! x


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