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Day 7 - All about dark lipsticks!

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Dark lips can be sported anytime of the year to make a statement. I love a good lipstick as I feel it brings the entire look together and adds a lot of glamour. This post has everything you ever wanted to know about flaunting those dark shades. And it's going to help you a lot especially if you are a newbie at wearing any kinds of lipsticks! :)

There are a lot of color options if you make up your mind to wear dark shades. From deep bold reds to mysterious dark purples, there's a shade for everyone.

Tips for wearing dark lip shades - 

1. You first need to decide if you want to go matte or glossy. A lot of people prefer gloss but I personally prefer matte. Irrespective of your choice, there are a lot of varieties in both these types! 

2. Always exfoliate your lips before starting your make-up routine. Exfoliation helps in effortless application of the lipstick and prevents any patchiness. You could buy a lip scrub or you could just use a homemade one. I mix olive oil and sugar to exfoliate my lips. 

3. Do not forget the lip balm. Moisturizing your lips prior applying any lipstick is a must. Lip balms with SPF are the best! There are lots of options available so picking one won't be a problem. I love using Maybelline's lip balms as I feel they are the best!

4. After your lip balm has set use a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick and line your lips completely. Lining completely makes the color pop, prevents bleeding of the lipstick and also makes it last all day.

5. Use a lip brush to fill the color from the lipstick. Using a brush makes the entire process precise and also mess free. I use the lip brush from the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set. You can also go ahead with the liner again to enhance the color. 

6. Clean up with a Q tip in case you make any mistake. 

7. If you want to make the lips matte then blot the color with some loose powder over a thin tissue. Do not do this if your lipstick is already matte as it will just make the lips look very dry and flaky.

Do's and Don'ts - 

1. Keep your makeup simple or you'll end up looking gothic. (Unless that's the look you're going for!)

2. Do not over line your lips to reshape them or make them look fuller. It generally doesn't go well with dark shades and ends up looking very fake. 

3. Don't forget a teeth check before you step out of your house. 

4. Wear mascara, lots of it. Since you are not wearing heavy makeup accentuate your eyes with mascara and a highlight in the inner corners to add the oomph factor. 

5. Mix lip shades. I have said this many times and I will say it again - Mix your existing lip shades to create new custom shades!

6. I do not trust the foundation trick. A lot of people apply foundation on their lips and then line them to reshape. I feel this is a horrible idea as the foundation dries out the lips.

7. Dark lips look great during the day as well. So don't be scared to experiment

8. Don't get intimidated by dark lip colors. I know they seem really bold but just wear them with confidence and you'll be surprised by the number of compliments you get! :)

Cleaning up dark lipsticks - 

Cleaning up dark lipsticks can be quite a task. The best way to clean it is by using a cotton pad dipped in a good quality make up remover. Although I have realized that most make up removers don't suit me and that's why I go the natural way with coconut oil. I use coconut oil not only on my lips but also to remove all the makeup from my face. It works wonders on waterproof mascara as well. It works as an amazing make up remover and it moisturizes the skin while it melts away the makeup. To read more about the uses of coconut oil click here.

These are a few tricks that will help you flaunt dark lip shades effortlessly.
Do let us know if you have any more tips. We would love to hear from you!

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Day 6 of #20DaysWithMYD :)

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