Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 9 - DIY Gift Ideas

Hey guys!
We love gifting but to be honest we aren't that creative in life! Nevertheless we have found some really cool and fun DIYs which are equally easy to make. We would always prefer personalized gifts over materialistic ones because they are just more memorable. For today's post we are going to show you a couple of gifts that we have made/received in the past years. [Most of them are what we gifted each other for birthdays! :P ]

Here are are a few card based ideas :)

This is a better version of a scrapbook that people generally gift. You could write specialized messages and reminisce the good old time through old pictures and tickets like in the second picture or you could get a message from all your close friends and jot them down on separate sheets with a picture each. Decorate the way you prefer. Keeping it simple does the trick.

If you feel  you don't have the time for a lot of work then this one is gonna be your life-saver. Its just a huge card with wishes inside. The best way to decorate the front of the card is by using a picture with a thick border of some handmade paper. This trick is simple and it gives the card a 3D effect.

If you want to go more fancy then use glitter paper. You can never go wrong with glitter. The entire card is made on thick boards which sets it apart from regular cards. Just cover the first board with glitter paper and create your collage. Don't try to write on the glitter paper as its not only going to make a mess but also look tacky. You could use a second board covered with normal chart paper (like the one above) to write your message.

This is an improved version of all the cards we showed you above. You could make this card trail in case you have some time in hand and it's not a last minute gift. All you have to do is pick a base chart paper of a neutral color and fold it into as snake form (zig zag folds) as many times you desire. Then use a different colored paper for each side and get creative. You could make collages or write messages! Its that simple :)

These card based ideas definitely test your creative skills to the maximum and are a lot of fun to do, especially when it's for someone you love. But if you want to up your game to the  next level, then you have to take a look at these other creative ideas we've listed for you!

This is what we call the 'exploding box!' It's an amazing and very creative thing to gift to someone. It requires quite a bit of effort but it'll be worth every minute you spent making it when you see the look on the person's face who received it. :D Just watch a YouTube tutorial on how to make one of these and get ready to gift someone an exploding box of memories!

This second one is another gift someone would reminisce forever! This is a diary full of memories. Aditi gave this on my 16th birthday and it contained a whole lot of things we'd been a part of together from the time we've been friends, I cherish this one dearly. Even when I read it today I have a hearty laugh about how we used to be :P So you can imagine how precious something like this could be for someone. This one requires quite a bit of planning and saving up important details (like movie tickets, bus tickets) so that they can be a part of this. I'm sure you'll make someone cry if you made an effort to make something like this.

This is something like a memory chart! All you need is the patience to find a  picture related to all the different memories you've created with each-other and you're good to go. Requires quite an effort, sorting and editing but ofcourse, the happiness you see on someone's face after you've given it to them, is worth it :)

Last but not the least, we have a soft board full of pictures you can gift someone on their special day. A board of memories pinned up on a board which can be used as room decor, too. The person on the receiving end can also personalize it according to them when they like. This is a pretty thoughtful gift which could bring back a million memories and sharpen the bond you share with the other person :)

We let our creative nerves run wild during each-others birthdays and we're suckers for personalized gifts( I'm sure you know that by now). We're so glad we got to share these idea with you guys, as well! I hope you guys try some of these gifting ideas and make someone's day even more special :)

P.S We highly recommend you to not judge us for the embarrassing pictures :P

Goodnight! <3

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