Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 13 - Favorite Scents!

Hey guys!
How's Friday the 13th treating you? It's Day 13 of #20DayswithMYD and we're excited to show you guys our personal favorite fragrances!

Victoria's Secret body mists are a must-have according to us. They are light, long-lasting and smell divine. You can see that Secret Charm is almost over and needs to be re-stocked. Pure Seduction is a personal favorite amongst the ones shown above.

Never thought that Nykaa fragrance mists could be this amazing! You might have already seen us rave about it in our list of products we wish we had discovered earlier. The one above is called French Lavender is its got a very fresh and soothing fragrance.

I absolutely LOVE the fragrances of these two Zara perfumes which explains why they're almost over. The bigger one  is the Zara Tulle and the travel size one is the Zara Oriental. The smell is mild and perfect for any kinda day out. 

Who doesn't love them some Versace? :D This fragrance is a bit strong but equally divine! And I cannot get over how amazing the packaging is.

This is a light fragrance by Bath and Body Works. Love the hint of pineapple and guava in this one! It's not over the top and just a perfect mild fragrance that makes you smell great. 

This is one of my most favorite range from VS. These are the perfect travel size fragrance crayons, easy to apply and they last for about 6-10 hours and what's the icing on top? They smell amazing! Heavenly and VS Bombshell are my personal favorites.

Firstly, lets take a minute and admire how gorgeous this perfume bottle looks <3 This scent from Bvlgari is so fresh and aqua that you cannot get tired of it. It gives you the vibe to stay active all day!

These are some scents we absolutely adore and can't get over. We'd love too know what your favorite fragrances are. 

Until next time! x



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  2. Victoria's Secret body mists and Bvlgari aqua are the best for the summer use. The smell of the Victoria's Secret body mists are so refreshing and divine. I gave my wife one of the body mists on Valentine day as a gift bought from one of my local store named Buy Perfume in Bangladesh. The smell is really heavenly.