Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New baker in town!

Hey guys!
I am sure all of us here love desserts and believe that one can never have too much cake! If you relate to me then this post is going to make you ecstatic! One of my closest friends, Janice, is an amazing home baker and she bakes some of the best cakes I have ever seen. The best part is that her cakes taste just as good as they look so they surely don't disappoint anyone. I am so glad to tell you all that she has finally started her official Instagram and Facebook page by the name CookieDust and she is ready to take all your orders :)
This lovely page has the cutest description ever - We are the choices we bake. Absolutely LOVE that.
So if you are from Bangalore then head to her Facebook page, contact her and order your favorite cake!
What's amazing is that even though she's starting off new, she is very versatile. She can bake any flavor in any style and for any occasion that you prefer. She will cater to your preferences and deliver a delightful and delicious cake :)
Please note that she is based in Bangalore so she can deliver only in the city. Also let her know that you discovered her through us and enjoy a 20% discount on your first order :D

You can contact her here -
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CookieDustByJanice/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cookiedustbyjanice/

Here are some pictures of her drool-worthy cakes! :P

Chocolate cake with double chocolate ganache filled with chocolate chips and more chocolate ganache! Yum.

This nostalgic tutti-fruit cake will bring back all your childhood memories :')

Best red velvet cupcakes EVER.
Just look at this magical chocolate cake! 

Absolutely loving the detailing on this red velvet! :D
We will be back on Friday with a new post :)

Until next time,
MYD <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ten wardrobe essentials!

Hey guys! :D

We all have moments where we just sit in front of a huge pile of our clothes and stare at it thinking 'I have nothing to wear'. I am sure it's happened to all of us at least at some point and the worst part is that this generally happens before or on an important day when you want to look your best.
To help you cope with such depressing moments we have ten items that you must invest in to make your wardrobe versatile without adding too many items. You just need to mix and match with these ten things and you don't have to worry about any occasion!

1. A pair of great black leggings. Black leggings are great because they can be paired with anything for any occasion. You can wear it with a crop top for a fun and flirty look or with loose fitted shirts for a more laid-back look. Invest in some good black leggings and you will be sorted for all your lazy days. You get some great leggings in Zara and Lifestyle. 

src : Google

2. A solid colored blazer. A solid colored blazer adds class to your outfit making it super chic. It can be worn both formally and informally. I absolutely love how versatile my Forever 21 purple color blazer is!

3. Color blocking heels. Black pumps are sophisticated yet low-key. If you really want to make a statement then get yourself a pair of really great bright colored heels. It adds the right amount of fun to any outfit and instantly elevates it. I got my green colored heels from Soles. 

4. A plain white cardigan. White cardigans especially the ones with lace detailing look great and complement most outfits effortlessly. You could throw it over almost anything and look stunning!

5. Pearl white sneakers. Now that we have covered a pair of high heels let's cover another basic which is an essential on days you want to be comfortable yet look different. A pair of white sneakers are so flexible that it can be worn with dresses or jeans or even jumpsuits! I love how they just look good with everything. This is a pair of white sneakers I bought from Koovs recently. I love the laser cut detailing in it as it makes the shoes very unique.

6. A midi skirt. Midi skirts never go out of fashion and are not only comfortable but also stylish. They can be worn on any occasion which makes them all the more special. I got a great deal on this white lace midi skirt during one Forever 21 end of season sales!

7. A roomy bag to carry all your essentials. A good large sized bag is an absolute essential to stuff it with all the things you need or might need. [Just being prepared ;)] We are going to be doing a post on our bag collection to show you some of our favorite pieces real soon!

8.  A pair of well fitted denim shorts. This one is self-explanatory and I needn't say more. If you don't have one then I only have two words for you - BUY IT!
src : Google
9. Assorted basic tees and tanks.  Solid colored v-neck or round neck tees and tank tops can be a life saver when you have no clue what to wear. They are easy going pieces which can be teamed with practically anything.

src : google
10. Lots of shades! Stock up on as many shades you can because the more the merrier. Get your hands on every different type of shades you come across and you'll be surprised at how instantly they completely transform your look from dull to fun!

We hope this helps you put together some amazing outfits for all your future important days!
Stay tuned because there's something fun coming next on the blog :D

MYD :)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Marzipan, the Greek Cafe!

Hey guys! We're back with another food review :D
I've always been a sucker for new cuisines, I love to take my taste-buds by surprise :P A few weeks back, we tried Greek cuisine for the first time and it was delicious.
We went to a pretty little cafe at Ulsoor called Marzipan. It's so beautifully done up, quotes on walls  and cozy seating arrangements is what I loved the most about it.

We had two dishes for our mains, the Spanacopita and Mousaka. Spanacopita was a Greek Spinach Pie, appetizing and pretty different from your usual pies. Mousaka was like a lasagna, it had a yummy layer of crumbled chicken at the bottom and Feta cheese on top. You definitely cannot have enough of this one. This much was quite filling and satisfying.



 The drinks we ordered were just a basic Raspberry Iced Tea and Vanilla Milkshake. They tasted pretty good and I loved the cute little bottles they served it in.

The highlight of all the dishes has got to be the dessert we were served in the end. If you guys happen to visit this place, you HAVE to try the Chocolate Decadent. I just cannot describe how amazing it tasted, absolutely loved it! This one's looks are definitely not deceiving. 

Chocolate Decadent

On the whole, it was a great experience. The service was friendly too! Definitely visit this place if you wanna treat yourself with something different, it's worth the change once in a while. Let us know if you happen to go here anytime soon :) We'd love to know if you enjoyed it as well!


Marzipan Cafe & Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What's Not to Love? ❤

Last year, I remember telling you guys about how special our friendship is and we'd be there for each-other no matter what. As amazing as it can be to have a Christina to your Meredith or a Romeo to your Juliet,  you must remember that if you're feeling lost at any front of life, you're never alone.

Look around you; you'll find a million things to love, to appreciate, people who'd move mountains for you - the list is never-ending. One bad relationship or a broken friendship is not the end of the world. Your heart might be hurting like its been pierced but that's no reason to stop loving life. Appreciate the people who are with you through all your ups and your downs, the one's who truly love you like your family, your dog, your best friend! Oh, and Pizza. Pizza never disappoints!

Always focus on the things you love doing the most and never give up on those. Love baking, then bake your heart out. If travel is what makes you happy then go explore the world. Live everyday like it's your last and I promise you, you'll love the life you live. Just be careful though, make sure you don't go broke :P

If you happen to have a strong romantic relationship in your life then it's a beautiful feeling to cherish but if you don't then that's amazing too because there is so much more love out there. Love is always associated to romantic relationships but that's not where it ends. 

This Valentine's Day, we urge you to look beyond romantic relationships and discover the world out there which is filled with so much love and happiness. A lot of us neglect the things and people that make us believe in love. Let's vow to appreciate all of those people and things around us that gives meaning to our lives and makes it easier.

Celebrate everyday like it's a day of love and there won't be another dull moment. Whatever it is, you WILL get through it. 😘 

Friday, February 10, 2017

~ New Romantic Fashion ~

Hey guys! :D

Today's fashion story is a tad bit different from what I usually do. It's something that is so unlike my personal style but I love it. Some of you might already know what New Romantic Fashion means but for those who don't I am going to give you a lot of insight on it through today's post! :)

New Romantic was a pop culture, born in the nightclubs of London during the 1980s. New Romantic Fashion was a backlash against the anarchic, aggressive and self mutilating punk fashion. Punk fashion started off as an anti fashion street culture which associated itself with torn or crude fashion, body piercing and funky hair. Today punk has undergone a major makeover and become a style statement in itself.

New Romantic Fashion celebrated glamour using extravagant fabrics and elegance. It was a perfect balance of luxury, sophistication and comfort! The makeup was bold yet gorgeous. The clothes were mostly party wear because it was a nightclub revolution. Some of the clothing included evening gowns, satin dresses. jumpers, lace and many more amazing things! It was during this time that songs about love and loss became popular. Basically the lyrics were romanticized as well.

One of the most popular clothes that defined the New Romantic Fashion was tapered pants! Tapered pants are basically high waist loose pants that taper towards the ankle. They can be printed or plain depending on what your preference is. They are not only super comfortable (exactly why they were worn so much during parties) but they also look super chic. New Romantic Fashion has changed quite a bit now to suit the current generation but the pith of the culture remains the same - elegance and grace!

Tapered Pants are everywhere now and they are definitely going to be my most worn outfits this summer. With Valentine's Day coming up I thought it would be appropriate to bring back bits of the past that transformed and romanticized the world of fashion as we see it today!
When one thinks of tapered pants they normally pair it with a crop top, but for today's post I am going to show you two ways to rock your tapered pants differently yet with a lot of grace :D

Look 1 

For look 1 I paired my funky blue tapered pants with a white see through blouse. This look is so easy to put together and trust me you are never going to go wrong with it. You could accessorize it up or down depending if you are wearing this for the day or night. I paired this outfit with my black heels and a simple silver watch to add on to the softness and grace of the look!
Top - Forever New
Pants - Lee Cooper


Look 2

This look is my personal favorite. I love how simple yet poised it is. It's super comfortable and is perfect for a day out with your friends. I am wearing my cute black glitter tapered pants with an over-sized mustard tee and a purple formal jacket. I love how the colors played out in this one because they work great with each other! I am wearing beige peep toes along with my favorite ring and bag. You might have already seen the black bag in my favorites post. I feel heels go so well with tapered pants because the pants accentuate your waist while the heels do the same to your legs! I also added a long chain which has a star pendant.
Pants - Vero Moda
Jacket and Bag - Forever 21
Ring - Forever New
Chain - Accessorize

I hope you guys liked my take on the comeback of New Romantic Fashion. It's always very interesting to know more about how fashion has evolved to be what it is today. 
We will be back with a new post on Valentine's Day :D
MYD :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Chug - Garage Bar

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one!
Talk about eateries with great themes and this one will definitely top my MUST VISIT list! What a great idea to infuse a garage theme in a bar! Located in Nagwara, Chug is a bike lovers paradise. The place is decorated with parts of the Royal Enfield throughout and has an insane vibe! We loved the whole setting; the lighting, decor, music, everything! Extra points for a great service and staff ;)
Coming to the food, I think this was one of the best meals we've had in a while. From the starters to the desserts, everything was on point. Savored each dish to the fullest!

Chug has a massive variety of drinks to choose from which makes it all the more special. We were first served two very unique drinks : Madras Bull and Scrambler. Madras bull was super spicy yet surprisingly yummy and Scrambler was an extremely refreshing drink with a great mix of cucumbers and egg whites.  

Madras Bull

We were quite keen on trying their milkshakes too but were afraid we'd be too full just with these drinks. Luckily our server was kind enough to give us a taste of the One Kicker Milkshake in a shot glass! Its a rich mascarpone milkshake with vanilla beans and ripe strawberries. Yum :D

One Kicker

The chef was very thoughtful and prepared a special platter for us which contained small portions of most of their starters. This gave us a chance to taste a lot of different dishes. Do note that the actual quantities per plate are much more than the ones shown in the pictures. 
Spoilt for choice here, it was hard to decide which one was my favorite! These starters were definitely a treat for our taste buds. 

Starting off with the non-veg platter, we were served Crumb Fried Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken and Garlic Black Pepper Chicken. The Crumb fried chicken was a perfect plate of crispy chicken which was too yummy to be true! The Kung Pao Chicken and the Garlic Black Pepper Chicken were finger licking good and had a great burst of flavors in our mouth. 

Crispy Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken and Black Pepper Chicken

Each vegetarian starter was unique in it's own way and we loved them all! We had the Spinach and Corn Vol Au Vents which was a cheesy mix of corn and spinach placed on baked puff like base, so different and delicious. We then had the Szechwan Vegetable Balls, they were spicy mouth-watering vegetable balls and lastly, we had the Vegetable quiche which was a cheesy and tangy tart like dish with a great blend of flavors. 

Spinach and corn Vol Au Vents, Szechwan Vegetable Balls, Vegetable quiche (left to right)
You can never have too many sides, can you? We were served two delectable bar snacks - Peri Peri Chicken Wings and Crispy American Corn to top off all the dishes! Yummy in my Tummy :P
But now that I think of it, we were quite full by the time we finished our starters and we were only half way through ;)

Coming to the main course, we were again served smaller portions of the actual dish because we had already eaten too much. We had two lip-smacking dishes, the Madras Curry Risotto and the Pan Seared Basa. 
The risotto was a perfect blend of rice, curry and chicken, so well put together which of course tasted great. This one is a must try at The Chug. :) 

Madras Curry Risotto
The fish in the Pan Seared Basa was cooked flawlessly. We loved the addition of orange in the creamy sauce which instantly elevated the entire dish. Served with potato wedges as sides this dish stole our hearts.

Pan Seared Basa
You're never too full to fit in some dessert in your meal, are you? :P I'm so glad we did that too! The Snicker Bar we were served for dessert was a great balance of chocolate, caramel and peanuts and we couldn't get enough of it. It tasted as amazing as it looked!

Snicker Bar
Because of places like these, our love for food can never diminish. It was a lovely experience not only because of all the plus points we mentioned but we also happened to be there on our 1st bloggiversary, making this place all the more special for us :) We highly recommend Chug because it's perfect for any kind of occasion; from a friend's birthday surprise to a chilled out evening with your close ones! Do visit and show it some love! :D

MYD! :)

The Chug - Garage Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, February 3, 2017

January Faves

Hey guys!
It feels so good to be back to blogging after a nice break! #20DaysWithMYD was something new that we tried and we have got overwhelming support from you all. :')
From this month on, we are going to bring you two new posts a week every Tuesday and Friday.

I had done quite a bit of shopping last month and that resulted in a good number of new products that I fell in love with. So for today's post I am going to take you through my January 2017 favorites. :D

I have to start with these white laser cut shoes that I bought from Koovs. I am absolutely obsessed with them and I adore the cut work immensely. I think the laser cuts give a new dimension to the shoes and makes them look gorgeous!

Moving on to makeup products, there are two lipsticks that I need to tell you about. Off-late I am loving the liquid lipstick trend and I am sure it's here to stay. I was never a big fan of liquid lipsticks because I felt they dry out my lips too much but luckily I ended up buying these two because they are amazing. The first one is the Nyx Matte Cream in the shade Monte Carlo. Its a rich deep red which goes really well with my skin tone. Its neither too matte nor drying but it's a long lasting lipstick.
The next one is my current favorite nude and it's called Haute Latte by Colorbar. It's an earthy pink and definitely one of the best nude shades I have come across. Also the packaging is really cute. Apparently it launched more than a year ago and I cannot believe we didn't know about this shade! Either ways I am glad we found it. This one is quite drying as you can see in the picture but it wears longer than the Nyx one. Also its really important you deep moisturize your lips before applying this one.

The next beauty product I recently bought is a gel liner. I had been using felt tip liners till now and I am so glad I finally made the switch to gel liners. I bought the Maybelline gel liner from Nykaa and it has been worth every penny. The Maybelline one is great because it comes with a brush so you don't have to buy one separately. The brush is really pointed so it makes the overall application very smooth. The liner is jet black in color and drys completely matte giving a flawless look. Also I noticed that it's easier to draw wings with a gel liner over a felt tip liner because the gel gives you a very dark crisp line in one go. You should definitely give this one a try if you are new to gel liners. :)

My next purchase is one of my favorite things on this list today - it's a pink tinted pair of sunglasses! I have been looking for sunglasses like these for a very long time and when I saw it on Koovs the other day I ordered it immediately!  I think it's really chic and I love it. :D

The next thing on the list is a gift I got a few months back and  I have been dying to show it to you all ever since and that's why I decided to add it to this list. It's a lovely black Forever 21 bag. It's really classy and I love the gold zip detailing on it. And I am not going to lie to you all but I have been using it non-stop since I got my hands on it!

The last thing on this list today might seem a little random but it was one of my most interesting purchases. It's a planner from Artchetype Studio. They have some amazing stationary supplies and the best part is that they ship all over India :)
This is my first planner ever and I was so excited about it. I can't believe that it's actually helped me organize my life. It's a super cute planner with gold embossed letters on the cover and some adorable stickers inside. They are sold out on this design but they have some amazing designs to look forward to!

This brings us to the end of my January favorites. We will see you again on Tuesday with a new post:)

MYD <3