Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New baker in town!

Hey guys!
I am sure all of us here love desserts and believe that one can never have too much cake! If you relate to me then this post is going to make you ecstatic! One of my closest friends, Janice, is an amazing home baker and she bakes some of the best cakes I have ever seen. The best part is that her cakes taste just as good as they look so they surely don't disappoint anyone. I am so glad to tell you all that she has finally started her official Instagram and Facebook page by the name CookieDust and she is ready to take all your orders :)
This lovely page has the cutest description ever - We are the choices we bake. Absolutely LOVE that.
So if you are from Bangalore then head to her Facebook page, contact her and order your favorite cake!
What's amazing is that even though she's starting off new, she is very versatile. She can bake any flavor in any style and for any occasion that you prefer. She will cater to your preferences and deliver a delightful and delicious cake :)
Please note that she is based in Bangalore so she can deliver only in the city. Also let her know that you discovered her through us and enjoy a 20% discount on your first order :D

You can contact her here -
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CookieDustByJanice/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cookiedustbyjanice/

Here are some pictures of her drool-worthy cakes! :P

Chocolate cake with double chocolate ganache filled with chocolate chips and more chocolate ganache! Yum.

This nostalgic tutti-fruit cake will bring back all your childhood memories :')

Best red velvet cupcakes EVER.
Just look at this magical chocolate cake! 

Absolutely loving the detailing on this red velvet! :D
We will be back on Friday with a new post :)

Until next time,
MYD <3


  1. This is wonderful. It is really nice to know a new bakery is open in town. I shall visit you surely because chocolate cakes are my favorite.