Friday, February 10, 2017

~ New Romantic Fashion ~

Hey guys! :D

Today's fashion story is a tad bit different from what I usually do. It's something that is so unlike my personal style but I love it. Some of you might already know what New Romantic Fashion means but for those who don't I am going to give you a lot of insight on it through today's post! :)

New Romantic was a pop culture, born in the nightclubs of London during the 1980s. New Romantic Fashion was a backlash against the anarchic, aggressive and self mutilating punk fashion. Punk fashion started off as an anti fashion street culture which associated itself with torn or crude fashion, body piercing and funky hair. Today punk has undergone a major makeover and become a style statement in itself.

New Romantic Fashion celebrated glamour using extravagant fabrics and elegance. It was a perfect balance of luxury, sophistication and comfort! The makeup was bold yet gorgeous. The clothes were mostly party wear because it was a nightclub revolution. Some of the clothing included evening gowns, satin dresses. jumpers, lace and many more amazing things! It was during this time that songs about love and loss became popular. Basically the lyrics were romanticized as well.

One of the most popular clothes that defined the New Romantic Fashion was tapered pants! Tapered pants are basically high waist loose pants that taper towards the ankle. They can be printed or plain depending on what your preference is. They are not only super comfortable (exactly why they were worn so much during parties) but they also look super chic. New Romantic Fashion has changed quite a bit now to suit the current generation but the pith of the culture remains the same - elegance and grace!

Tapered Pants are everywhere now and they are definitely going to be my most worn outfits this summer. With Valentine's Day coming up I thought it would be appropriate to bring back bits of the past that transformed and romanticized the world of fashion as we see it today!
When one thinks of tapered pants they normally pair it with a crop top, but for today's post I am going to show you two ways to rock your tapered pants differently yet with a lot of grace :D

Look 1 

For look 1 I paired my funky blue tapered pants with a white see through blouse. This look is so easy to put together and trust me you are never going to go wrong with it. You could accessorize it up or down depending if you are wearing this for the day or night. I paired this outfit with my black heels and a simple silver watch to add on to the softness and grace of the look!
Top - Forever New
Pants - Lee Cooper


Look 2

This look is my personal favorite. I love how simple yet poised it is. It's super comfortable and is perfect for a day out with your friends. I am wearing my cute black glitter tapered pants with an over-sized mustard tee and a purple formal jacket. I love how the colors played out in this one because they work great with each other! I am wearing beige peep toes along with my favorite ring and bag. You might have already seen the black bag in my favorites post. I feel heels go so well with tapered pants because the pants accentuate your waist while the heels do the same to your legs! I also added a long chain which has a star pendant.
Pants - Vero Moda
Jacket and Bag - Forever 21
Ring - Forever New
Chain - Accessorize

I hope you guys liked my take on the comeback of New Romantic Fashion. It's always very interesting to know more about how fashion has evolved to be what it is today. 
We will be back with a new post on Valentine's Day :D
MYD :)

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