Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What's Not to Love? ❤

Last year, I remember telling you guys about how special our friendship is and we'd be there for each-other no matter what. As amazing as it can be to have a Christina to your Meredith or a Romeo to your Juliet,  you must remember that if you're feeling lost at any front of life, you're never alone.

Look around you; you'll find a million things to love, to appreciate, people who'd move mountains for you - the list is never-ending. One bad relationship or a broken friendship is not the end of the world. Your heart might be hurting like its been pierced but that's no reason to stop loving life. Appreciate the people who are with you through all your ups and your downs, the one's who truly love you like your family, your dog, your best friend! Oh, and Pizza. Pizza never disappoints!

Always focus on the things you love doing the most and never give up on those. Love baking, then bake your heart out. If travel is what makes you happy then go explore the world. Live everyday like it's your last and I promise you, you'll love the life you live. Just be careful though, make sure you don't go broke :P

If you happen to have a strong romantic relationship in your life then it's a beautiful feeling to cherish but if you don't then that's amazing too because there is so much more love out there. Love is always associated to romantic relationships but that's not where it ends. 

This Valentine's Day, we urge you to look beyond romantic relationships and discover the world out there which is filled with so much love and happiness. A lot of us neglect the things and people that make us believe in love. Let's vow to appreciate all of those people and things around us that gives meaning to our lives and makes it easier.

Celebrate everyday like it's a day of love and there won't be another dull moment. Whatever it is, you WILL get through it. 😘 

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