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Goa in Bangalore? - Cafe Mojo

If you love Goan cuisine just as much as us then you're going to fall in love with Cafe Mojo. Tucked away in St Marks road right next to Truffles, Cafe Mojo is a Goan retreat. We happened to visit there last week and try their yummy food and today we are going to tell you all about our experience. :)

Cafe Mojo has got a lovely ambiance with dim lighting which is great for dinners with your loved ones. They also host a lot of parties during the weekends and other occasions!

Now let's get to the food! :D
The weather in Bangalore is killing us right now and we wanted to order something cool and slush like. We got Lemon Soda and Flying Kiwi. These two refreshing drinks were just perfect for the hot afternoon. Lemon soda is an all time favorite and the Flying kiwi had a surprise burst of flavors.

Lemon Soda and Flying Kiwi (L-R)

Seafood Balcho was the next thing we were served. This was an assortment of various sea food items mixed together. It had a slight pickle like flavor which was very new to our palette but we loved it. 

Seafood Balcho
And then our first main course arrived. We were pretty excited about it because we haven't had authentic Goan cuisine anywhere in Bangalore yet. 
Our first main course was the Goan Rechado Grilled Fish. This was hands down our favorite dish at Cafe Mojo. You couldn't have enough of it. The fish was cooked amazingly well and it blended perfectly with the rice and the mashed potato. This one truly brought out the Goan spirit.

Goan Rechado Grilled Fish

The next dish was a lovely Mackerel Fry. I loved how the spices on it intensified after every bite. It was a whole fish and it didn't require any sides or sauce to complete it. The Mackerel fry was a complete dish in itself!

Mackerel Fry

The Chicken Cafreal was the only chicken dish that we tried. The chicken was moist and the flavors were great but honestly I wouldn't recommend you to order chicken on your visit here. Even though the chicken tasted amazing the fish took away all the attention. It's difficult to find restaurants in Bangalore who serve perfectly cooked fish and that's why if you do visit Cafe Mojo then indulge yourself in every seafood dish available!

Chicken Cafreal
Prawns are a go-to sea food dish whenever you hit the beach. This one's a treat to your taste buds. The Prawns Rawa fry was a plate of yummy crispy prawns which are cooked to perfection.  Loved how brilliantly the prawns were cooked and tasted really good with the puree.

Prawns rawa fry
The Goan Chilly Fry Mushroom is the perfect dish for that one vegetarian friend in your group who always complains about food because this plate would not leave him/her disappointed. We didn't expect the vegetarian food to taste good in a Goan cuisine restaurant but this dish was a pleasant surprise. Served with pav on the side this was an absolute shocker.

Goan Chilly Fry Mushroom
Now comes our favorite part of our meal, the dessert! I am a huge fan of Bebinca and I always ask anyone travelling to Goa to get some back for me. I love the dense structure of this authentic dessert and a bite of it can instantly make me happy. Bebinca was served with two scoops of ice cream here which got me excited. The bebinca was moist, dense and had the correct amount of sweetness. Absolutely loved it!!

All in all, we loved Cafe Mojo and we cannot wait to go back when we have our Goa cravings. This place is a must visit for all sea food lovers. Hands down one of the best places in Bangalore which serves great seafood! 

Until next time,
MYD :)
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