Friday, September 8, 2017

'On The Go' by Woodland!

Hiiii Guys!
A few weeks back, Aditi and I got to attend the preview of the new collection by Woodland - 'On The Go' at their Hi-Tea and Blogger's meet in the Woodland's showroom in Indiranagar. Shout out to Nischita for hosting such an amazing event!

Now, previously whenever I looked at Woodland as a brand, the first thing that came to my mind was too basic and no fun. This new collection, however, took us by surprise!

The pieces from the 'On The Go' range are so fresh and chic, I couldn't take my eyes off of a few them. From all the bling shoes to stilettos and beautiful bags to the men's shoes (Yes boys, I'm sure you wont be disappointed), they have upped their game a notch. The designs are to die for and you'll know what I'm talking about after you check out their new collection which is now available in all Woodland showrooms across India.

It was my first time attending a blogger's meet and I must say, I was both excited and nervous at the same time but after meeting these bloggers, I realized how easy-going everyone is and how much fun these events actually are. The event was filled with way too many selfies, yummy food and making a whole lot of new friends! :D

We had a great time,Woodland. Waiting for you to launch another new range already!



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