Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bohemian Diwali 🎆

"A useful image to help us conceptualize the thread of personal unfoldment is the mandala. By mandala I mean a field with a midpoint, such as a sphere with a center. The field is the totality of your experience – your thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, actions; it is the totality of your life at each moment.The center is where Being's dynamism touches your field, touches your mandala. This is where the transformation of experience begins, which then ripples through the whole field."

Mandala art is something that has always pleased my eyes. The intricate designs are just SO good to look at, it makes me want to be an artist.  I am so obsessed with mandala art that I even got a coloring book full of mandala art in it :P

So, when I saw this dress, I fell in love instantly. And brownie points for it being in my favorite color. Plus it was the perfect time to find one. I always wanted to try something unique and different with my Diwali outfits and this piece fit in so well with that criteria.

And the best part about this bohemian beauty is, you don't have to worry too much about the styling. It's so easy to carry. Just put on your best lipstick and you're good to go! 
Hope this look inspired you to do something different this Diwali! 

MYD wishes all of you a happy and safe Diwali ✨ May you prosper at everything you decide to take on because you deserve nothing less than the absolute best in the world :D

Photography: Sharan GC 

Lots of love, 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

~ MYDxMuchLove ~

I have been wanting to upload this post since forever but each time I tried something or the other would come up. Even though this post is super late I am still extremely excited to share this one with you all :)

It's been a while since we had any chatty posts on this blog and that's why I wanted to give you all a quick update before I get into the outfit and location details of this collaboration. Priya recently started working in an amazing startup where she is learning a lot along with meeting loads of exciting new people. On the other hand I have applied for masters in the US for the Spring 2018 term and now I am just waiting for the admission decisions. I shall keep you guys updated with the entire university scene soon :)

Now coming to today's post, we collaborated with a lovely clothing store called Much Love. The owner of the store Sujitha is not only really friendly but also extremely professional. They also have an amazing collection with some very new and refreshing pieces with which anyone would fall in love. Also the pricing of the clothes is going to make you smile and maybe even go overboard while shopping! :P 

I picked three pieces from their collection - a bright pink cold-shoulder top, a silver one shoulder top and a beautiful maroon colored gown. I think each piece was very different from the other and they all suited my body type perfectly! 

Look 1 

This is more of a day time look. I have paired the pink top with classic black jeans and  a pair of tan heels. It's such an easy look to recreate and is also extremely comfortable. You could skip the heels and go with flats instead but I think the heels add that little bit of glamour. You could wear this for a day out with your friends or even a brunch :)

Look 2

The second look involves a gorgeous one shoulder silver top. I generally don't prefer wearing one shoulder pieces as I don't feel comfortable enough but I am so glad I picked this piece. I absolutely love how this looks on me and I am looking forward to buying more one shoulder outfits. I paired the top with a black skirt and heels. This is again extremely easy to recreate as who doesn't own a well fitted black skirt? You could also make this look edgy by pairing the top with a pair of black leggings and boots. It all depends on how you want to play with the looks!

Look 3

This is by far my favorite outfit. I absolutely adore this sophisticated maroon gown! This is a piece that Sujitha decided to send herself without showing me the pictures and I am so glad she did! This gown fits me perfectly and hugs my body in all the right places. Also I feel the slit is just right - its not too less or too much! You really don't have to do much with this outfit, just put it on and slay girl ;) 

Also I would like to give a big shoutout to Nitin from Shivas Gateway for letting us shoot in his lovely hotel. The place is absolutely gorgeous and we managed to get some amazing pictures. The hotel is strategically located near the airport so if any of you know anyone travelling to Bangalore soon then let them know about Shivas :)

Photography - Sharan GC (You can check him out on Flickr or Instagram)                    
Outfit - Much Love
Location - Shivas Gateway 

Until next time,

MYD :)