Sunday, February 18, 2018

Embracing my roots!

I am a true desi at heart and traditional Indian outfits are and will always be the closest to my heart. I enjoy dressing up in kurtis and sarees but my ultimate favorite is a classic lehenga! I eagerly wait for events where I can go all out and dress up in one.

I feel that anyone can carry a lehenga gracefully and that is the beauty of Indian attires. I have always wanted to shoot in a lehenga for the blog but I never got a chance or a perfect one to shoot with and that is why I was ecstatic when Iza invited me to their gorgeous store to take a look at their collection.

Iza is a multi-designer store with a huge collection of western, indo-western and traditional Indian outfits. You will be surprised with the wide variety of outfits that they offer. I was a little confused at first regarding what to pick because each of their ranges were beautiful, however the moment I saw their lehenga section I knew I was gonna get a picture-perfect one. I was spoilt for choice because they had plenty of options for various occasions. From nude light weight pieces to extremely heavy bridal ones, there was something for everyone! If you are in Indiranagar, Bangalore anytime then you should definitely give this store a visit.

After spending hours in the store I found a stunning pink lehenga and I instantly fell in love with it. It expressed my style flawlessly and it gave me a feeling that it was designed for me! Both the color and the patterns on it were breathtaking. It was neither too light nor too heavy, it was just right and fit me exactly the way I wanted. The material was incredibly soft and comfortable which was a huge advantage. I also picked the jhumkas from their store which belonged to the brand 'Fuchsia by Ritu'. They paired with the lehenga beautifully! 

For such a royal outfit the shoot location had to be royal too, hence we decided to shoot this in the spectacular Nandi Temple! I love how the pictures turned out and I hope you do too. We have put more effort in this post than any other one on the blog until now. We managed to catch the golden light and Sharan framed every picture to perfection!

I am so thankful that I got to do this before leaving the country or I would have regretted it so much. Shooting in such a pristine location has been my dream since forever and I hope I did some justice to it. Nobody can capture the beauty of the temple in a picture but we tried to capture the essence and I am very happy and proud of the outcome!

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit!

MYD <3