Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Settling in & First Collaboration!

It feels so good to be finally sitting down and writing for you all. Its been about two months since I landed in the US and slowly I have started to settle in. The past two months have been absolutely crazy from adjusting to sub-zero temperatures, learning how to cook, spending the weekends grocery shopping, doing truckloads of assignments to writing mid-terms!

Amidst all this craziness I only kept thinking of one thing- how am i going to manage the blog? I barely had any time to sit down and write but I also wasn't ready to let go just yet. Although, I wasn't sure what exactly I could write about. Grad life isn't as fancy and one can't really travel much if the temperature outside just wont rise beyond 4°C!

I was confused and majorly demotivated. Priya and I had worked so hard together in Bangalore to maintain our blog and starting from scratch again, this time alone, was a nightmare. I didn't know where to begin and being stagnant was frustrating me. This is when 6th Borough Boutique got in touch with me to collaborate with them. I don't know about other bloggers but when a brand gets in touch with me I feel very appreciated because it means that my work has caught someone's eye and that, I feel, is a pretty good way to motivate yourself to work harder.

I have been in the blogging world long enough to know that simply collaborating with every brand that comes your way is the best way to kill your blog and lose readers. Nobody wants to waste time reading adverts on a blog, they want a story. Hence before responding to 6thBB, I made a quick Google search and realized how lucky I was because the first brand that got in touch with me was exactly what I was looking for. 6thBB, owned by Stephanie Gandelman and located in NYC, is an amazing place to shop affordable eco-friendly jewelry. They have a huge collection with jewelry for every possible event and if that still doesn't please you then you can customize your own!

When the three neck-pieces that I decided on arrived home, I was so glad that I decided to work with them! The quality was amazing and the jewelry looked exactly how it did in the pictures. The best part was that it was so light that you don't even feel like you have any accessory on! 

Now coming to the main part, the pictures. All the pictures were taken by Helena Tewolde. The pictures were exactly what I had pictured and I am so grateful to Helena for that. She is not only insanely talented but also the sweetest person to work with! You can check out her work right here.  :)
Hope you guys love how all the pictures turned out!

Here are the links to the jewelry items featured:
- Dainty Turquoise Necklace
- Dainty Onyx Necklace
- Gold Signature Lariat