Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cherry Blossom | Washington DC

After a long cold winter, spring is a breath of fresh air and warmth. Everything gets back it's color but the biggest and the most awaited festival during this season is the Cherry Blossom festival in DC. This year I got a chance to witness the gorgeous blossoms, it sure was the most significant highlight of my move here to the US.

Cherry Blossom trees were a gift to the US by Japan and were planted on the Tidal Basin. These carnation trees reach peak bloom during the onset of spring i.e. between March 3rd week to April 2nd week. This year the trees reached full bloom during the second week of April. People from all over America travel to DC during this time to experience this festival. 

Each year the Cherry Blossom festival has a number of events including a parade. I couldn't attend the festival but I did manage to visit DC during peak bloom. The peak bloom lasts only for a couple of days and the dates vary slightly every year, hence it's advisable to plan your trip keeping that in mind. In my opinion, the best time to visit the blossoms would be early morning on a weekday. The crowd would be the least which would give you an opportunity to experiment with your photography skills.

We reached DC before sunrise which gave us ample amount of time to experience the place and then click pictures. I had such an amazing time strolling along the basin and watching the stunning flowers. The entire place looked magical with all the pink and white blossoms. It was such a lovely day and I am already excited for the blossoms next year! Please do not get lost in clicking pictures, just the feeling of being there is beautiful so don't forget to experience that.
Here are some of the shots we clicked. Hope you guys like them :)


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